With its competitive expertise in machining methodologies, IBERONORMA produces an overall range of small and large high precision machined components, in various materials and for the most demanding industrial sectors, such as the mouldmaking, die casting, stamping die, as well as automotive and aerospace sectors.


Company founded in 1978, established itself as the first national producer of standard mould bases and standard components for injection moulds and stamping dies.


The company´s specialized skills, combined with the intensive use of state-of-the-art machining techniques and technologies, makes IBERONORMA a specialized company, not only in precision mould bases for injection moulds, stamping and die casting, but also in precision machining parts for automotive and aerospace sector, components and production tooling.


The company combines extensive experience, capabilities and single-minded dedication to quality to fulfill its customer needs. IBERONORMA is able to responding and satisfying customer demands, both in single or larger batch series.


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